Harry Benson

"Senator Kennedy announced his candidacy for the presidency in 1968 on St. Patrick’s Day, in Washington D.C., then flew to New York and marched up Fifth Avenue in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. People seemed to idolize him and want to touch him. He would dive into the crowd and shake hands, ignoring the security police who surrounded him. At one point, he looked up, pointed his finger, and smiled. I followed his gaze and saw Jacqueline Kennedy and her son, John, Jr., with their heads out a window on Fifth Avenue smiling and waiving. Bobby knew they would be there. I photographed him that day and was on the campaign trail on and off for the duration. There was camaraderie among the press corps traveling with Bobby. He knew what the press corps needed and he always made sure we got a photograph before the end of the day. Bobby made you feel like one of the inner circle, and it worked. The press and the people loved Bobby."

Senator Robert F. Kennedy, St. Patrick's Day Parade, NY, 1968
Harry Benson's Photographs-60 Years of Photography
By Harry Benson

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