Werner Bischof

"In and idyllic scene a boy plays his pipe as he walks along a mountain road on the way to Cuzco, Peru. Bischof, who was an international photojournalist, took many affecting pictures of children as symbols of a better future. A visionary, he wanted to see the world re-civilized and he believed that photography could demonstrate how this might be achieved. Although he covered both the Korean and Indo-China Wars, family and social life were his preferred topics because they spoke of continuity, rather than the wholesale renovation favored by the totalitarians. Many of his pictures are of musicians, dancer, and the cultural life of traditional-conscious communities. He found and exemplary world in traditional Japan, which he made the subject of an important book published in 1954. In the same year Bischof was killed in a car accident in the Andes, shortly after this picture was taken."

The Photography Book
Phaidon Press

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