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“Newsboys” and “Double Takes” - John Loring

Photography creates its own reality – stopping time – taking a longer look at a passing instant. It eliminates all but two dimensions of events. (There’s no space or time in a photograph. Nor is there sensual perception beyond the visual; and, even there, color is often eliminated.); yet, it reads as reality. It isn’t fleeting; you have the time to study it for clues. The illusions it offers coax you into an alternate world that’s exhilarating and puzzling. Things are done differently there, and they’ve already happened before you got there. You can only go so far, and then you come to the mutually exclusive conclusions: “This isn’t the way things are; this is the way things are.” It’s a tease. It’s a “Through the Looking Glass” Wonderland experience. That’s its trip.

“Newsboys” and “Double Takes” – like all photographs - show alternate realities doubled in on themselves that each gives an illusion of reality. It was photographed -it must be real – the proofs are there, but are they? The newspaper comments on the reader (as computers probably will soon allow). The news is looking back at us; we’re suddenly the observed and no longer the observer. “No” – “Surprise” – It can make you feel self-conscious – alive. You’re present, but you’re really not. The papers in “Newsboys” throw buzz words at you. How are you meant to take them? It’s just an illusion, after all. You weren’t really meant to believe it. It’s all in fun; or is there a “POP”?

The boys in “Double Takes” are offering images of things that already happened in their lives. The photographs record newer situations that – they too – have already happened. You can see through them to another time. That can’t happen in reality? You can’t see through people. You can’t see through time, but you can suspend belief for a moment - or can you? Maybe this does happen in reality? You meet them twice; you already know them now. You have layered information on them. They’re in the past showing you their past. Dig in; they’re telling you a lot. It all looks so “real”.


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