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Seldom Seen: Photographs to Discover

Summertime at Holden Luntz Gallery offers an opportunity to reflect on the past season and prepare for the next one. It also presents a time to delve into the gallery’s sizable collection and rediscover photographs that have had little exposure lately. Through creating and amassing an extensive inventory over two decades, the gallery has built a visual history shaped by the many explorations and directions of its photographers

Technological changes in the medium with new developments in digital imaging and printing out processes, as well as our ever expanding roster of new artists with their own goals and ideals have produced a constant evolution of our collection. Classic images from photography’s foundations created decades ago, in a pioneering spirit, may also be reassessed through a larger time frame and take on a historical aesthetic and dimension. At the same time, fresh and dynamic contemporary work addressing present day issues is constantly being created and evolving from year to year as the gallery aims to challenge our viewers’ notions of what is possible through the medium. Through a collection that is united by the camera, we are providing both the opportunity to appreciate new aspects of artworks photographed many years ago, as well as the chance to see new, challenging, and more contemporary images. The past can inform the present and the present can comment on the past.

Exploring the gallery’s collection, we have selected ten artists whose work we believe is worth highlighting given their unique contributions to the medium. Although working within several photographic processes, with different subjects, and across various decades, the artwork selected from each artist reemerges with a vitality and immediacy. As the gallery itself evolves and the work that is exhibited does as well, a variety of photography has been shown to our audience. It is therefore our pleasure to present these photographs from our collection that demonstrates the richness and variety of artistic practices within the medium and the dimensions a collection can take.

Berenice Abbott
Travis Boyer
Renato D'Agostin
John Dugdale
Roberto Edwards
Gilbert Garcin
Flor Garduño
William Ropp
Jo Whaley
William Witt

by Kyle Harris