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Yuval Yairi, Israeli (b. 1961)
Yuval Yairi - Memory Suitcase #8
Yuval Yairi
Memory Suitcase #8
Archival Digital Photograph
11 3/4 x 17 3/4 inches
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Contemporary Israeli artist and photographer who explores the nature of memory by creating photographs that at first appear to be a single image but are actually composed of numerous distinct images.

Yairi's technique is reminiscent of a fine, intricate mosaic. The repeated shooting, the meticulous observation, the accumulation and layering of small fragments – all these generate an image that contains a deployment of continuous time. The gathering and reassembly of the pieces enable him to oscillate between a faithful documentation of reality and its re-shaping while constructing additional strata of detail and time. The resulting effect is at once realistic and surreal or symbolic. On the one hand, the picture is broad, slow and restrained, and on the other, it is implied, and fraught with dramatic tension that stems from the mosaic assembly, an act that is at times scrupulous and imperceptible, at others, distinctly visible.

At first sight Yairi's compositions appear quiet and tranquil, full of harmony and melancholy (mainly in the choice and arrangement of objects). His work technique, however, enables him to create unique, sharp perspectives where the ceiling and the floor are depicted at an acute angle downward or upward, invoking a disconcerting sense of distortion or inaccuracy.