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Thomas Kelly, American
Thomas Kelly - Aghori (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Thomas Kelly
Aghori (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Archival Lambda Color Photograph
2002, Printed 2009
26 x 40 inches

Signed, titled, dated and # 1/10 on artist label affixed on verso.

Thomas Kelly - Aghori (Kathmandu, Nepal)-Thumb
Thomas Kelly - Kayapo Fisherman I -Thumb
Thomas Kelly - Sadhu Orphans (Kathmandu, Nepal)-Thumb
Thomas Kelly - Fire Side Mantras-Thumb
Thomas Kelly - Purification I -thumb
Thomas Kelly - Preparation I - thumb
Thomas Kelly - Shaivite-thumb
Thomas Kelly - Kukkuta Asana -thumb
Thomas Kelly - Tilaka-thumb
Thomas Kelly - Naga Baba -thumbnail
Thomas Kelly - Aghora Path -thumb

Thomas Kelly is a humanitarian photographer and videographer. His career as an activist began when he volunteered in the US Peace Corps in 1978, stationed in Nepal. Since then he has worked to document the struggles of marginalized peoples and disappearing cultural traditions across the globe.

Kelly has worked extensively for UNICEF, Save the Children Fund, Aga Khan Foundation, and the Institute of Child Health, among many others. These organizations aim to resolve serious world problems like poverty, sex trafficking, child labor, and cultural persecution. Kelly’s moving editorial work has appeared in the New York Times, Time, Newsweek, National Geographic, and The Observer, U.K. He currently represents Gamma Press of France in Nepal.

Aside from photography, Kelly has authored several books and films. His videos on prostitution, violence against women, and esoteric ethnic practices have been featured on Discovery, National Geographic, and the BBC. His books include: Sacred Landscape and Pilgrimage in Tibet: In Search of the Lost Kingdom of Bon, Fallen Angels: Sex Workers of South Asia, and Millennium: Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World and Cultural Traditions of Hinduism.