Michael Schultes - Diana in a Barn #2
Michael Schultes
Diana in a Barn #2
C-Type Photograph
19 x 13 inches
Price and availability subject to change
White Nude #3
Bunch of Grapes / Weintrauben
The Apricot / Die Aprikose
Blueberries / Heidelbeeren
The Raspberry / Die Himbeere
2 Apples / 2 äpples
A Pear for Three / Birne für Drei
The Plum / Die Pflaume
Redcurrant / Johannisbeeren
Lilacs / Flieder
Staronfrucht/Kaki/Persimone (Persimmon)
Pitahaya 1 (Dragon Fruit, Pitaya)
Pitahaya 2 (Dragon Fruit, Pitaya)
Sternfrucht/Karambola (Star Fruit, Carambola)
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Diana in a Barn #2
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