Kimiko Yoshida | The Kirdi Bride, Cameroon (Self-portrait)
Kimiko Yoshida
"The Kirdi Bride," Cameroon (Self-portrait)
Archival Pigment Photograph Mounted on Aluminum
47 1/4 x 47 1/4 Inches

Edition # 2/10. Signed documentation accompanying photographs.

$20,000 plus
Price and availability subject to change
KyotoKimiko (Genji/Warhol)
KyotoKimiko (Waves/Torero)
KyotoKimiko (Genji/Rembrandt)
KyotoKimiko (Gold Clouds/Holy Sepulchre)
KyotoKimiko (Zen Garden/Harlequin)
KyotoKimiko (Hanami/Manet)
KyotoKimiko (Haru/Primavera)
KyotoKimiko (Gold Leaves/Gold Merchant)
KyotoKimiko (Furisode/Philippe de Champaigne)
The Massai Bride Wearing a Warrior’s Face Ruff, Kenya (Self-Portrait)
Painting (Henri VIII by Hans Holbein), Self Portrait
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"The Kirdi Bride," Cameroon (Self-portrait)
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The Miao Bride, Guizhou, China, Self-Portrait
RorschachYoshida LXX (Hugo Ball L)
RorschachYoshida LXIX (Giovanna Arnolfini L)
RorschachYoshida XCV (Sitting Bull)
RorschachYoshida LXXXVI (Mona Lisa)
RorschachYoshida XCVI (Venus)
RorschachYoshida XC (Sitting Bull)
RorschachYoshida LXXXIII (Isabel de Porcel)
RorschachYoshida L (Primavera L)
RorschachYoshida LXXXIV (Gold Merchant M)
RorschachYoshida LXXXIX (Man in a Turban L)