Keystone Archives - Model Outside Christian Dior Boutique
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Model Outside Christian Dior Boutique
Early Silver Gelatin Photograph
10 3/8 x 7 3/8 inches
under $1,000
Price and availability subject to change
John Lennon and Yoko Ono at Apple Headquarters
Ella Fitzgerald Performing at Ball in Munich
Josephine Baker on Tiger
Duke Ellington Celebrating 70th Birthday at Alcazar in France with Dancer
Duke Ellington playing piano at the Piper Club, Rome
Louis Armstrong with Painting Presented by Tony Bennett at the Savoy Hotel
Miles Davis and Quincy Jones Performing at Jazz Festival in Switzerland
Louis Armstrong Playing Trumpet in Hamburg
Lena Horne Stands in Front of Poster of Herself, London Palladium
Louis Armstrong, Rene Urtregger, and Duke Ellington Receiving the Django Reinhardt Prize
Winter 1970-71 Givenchy Evening Gown
Christian Dior London Spring Collection
Greta Garbo in Headband, bow, and Ostrich Feathers
Chanel model in Tweed Suit
Model Brigatte Wearing Sapphire Necklace for Gala
Britt Ekland at Dior Show in Beaded Gown and Jewelry
Russian Model Tamara Presenting Wedding Gown by Louis Feraud
Model Outside Christian Dior Boutique
Model on New York Sidewalk Next to Car
Winston Churchill With Cigar And Top Hat Leaving Downing St. For Buckingham Palace
Winston Churchill Raises Top Hat, With Cigar In Hand
Winston Churchill Leaves Downing St. for the House
Winston Churchill Arrives At Downing St. For Cabinet Meeting
Winston Churchill Giving V Sign While Touring Woodford, Essex
Winston Churchill Leaves Chartwell For First Time Since Breakdown
Winston Churchill Accepts Cigar From Female Cigar Factory Worker
Winston Churchill Arrives at Epsom
Winston Churchill Inspecting Members Of The Guard Of Honor Of The Royal Ulster Rifles
Winston Churchill Leaving By Back Door After Cabinet Meeting
Winston Churchill as New Premier
Winston Churchill Speaks To Britain Over BBC Radio
Beatles Sitting at School - Bob Whittaker
Paul McCartney Smoking Gigantic Cigarette, As a Pack of Gum
John Lennon As Soldier In Film "How I Won The War"
John Lennon and Paul McCartney with Nude Statue
Freddie Mercury of Queen on Stage at the London Earl's Court
Mick Jagger Drinking Beer In Germany
Mick Jagger with Arms Raised
Einstein Setting Type For First Line Of Jewish Newspaper
Albert Einstein Outside, Princeton
Albert Einstein Dictating To Secretary
Albert Einstein Writing on Blackboard
Albert Einstein Portrait
Marilyn in "The Sleeping Prince"
Marilyn Monroe Holding Rope, In Glass High Heels And Bathing Suit
Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller at London Airport
Marilyn Monroe And Arthur Miller Arriving At The Premier Of "A View From The Bridge"
Marilyn Monroe and Sir Laurence Olivier at Savoy Hotel Press Conference
Marilyn Monroe With Scarves, In Glass High Heels And Swimsuit
Marilyn Monroe And Arthur Miller Sitting At Premier Of His Play "Across The Bridge"
Marilyn Monroe Directed By Laurence Olivier On The Set Of "The Sleeping Prince"
Frank Sinatra Boarding TWA Jet
Frank Sinatra Jr. Singing In Switzerland At The Start Of His Tour
Diana Ross Receiving A Cesar Film Award At The Congress In Paris
Frank Sinatra And Elvis Presley Laughing Together On Movie Set
Liza Minnelli Singing For The Queen At The London Palladium
Rod Steward and Britt Ekland Arrive at Heathrow Airport
Frank Sinatra Warming Up In Front Of Piano For Hollywood Radio Broadcast
Tony Bennett Autographing Books On British Tour
Frank Sinatra Jr. Combs Hair In Front Of Mirror, London
Shirley Bassey Holding Photograph Of Herself At Heathrow Airport
Shirley Bassey Cooking In The Kitchen Of Her New Home
Soldiers Stand In Line In Front Of New York Skyline - Brian Alpert
Alan Shepard Holds Flag On The Moon During Apollo Mission
Coney Island - Playground of the Western World
Our Boss is Not Here - Woman on Telephone and Typewriter in Bathtub
Baby Heather Gets her First Perm - A small girl stands on a chair under a hair dryer
"It's War - We Will Not be Undersold" New York Shop Sign
Gay Rights Demonstration, New York
Sophia Loren at Cannes Film Festival
Sophia Loren and Director Charlie Chaplin
Sophia Lorin Glance Through a Pretzel
Sophia Loren in Athens
Sophia Loren Prepares for "Legend of the Lost"
Sophia Loren as the Emperor's Daughter in "Fall of the Roman Empire"
Sophia Loren in "A Countess from Hong Kong"
Sophia Loren Portrait
Sophia Loren leaving Tudor Hotel, England for "The Key"
Peer's Grandson Stars with Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren Portrait with Hand
Sophia Loren At A Monte Carlo Ball Wearing A Turban
Sophia Loren on Movie "Judith",  Israel
Peer's Grandson Stars with Sophia Loren (2)
Charlie Chaplin Directs Sophia Loren for "A Countess from Hong Kong"
Sophia Loren sitting in Front of Sphinx on the Thames
Sophia Loren and Gregory Peck filming for "Arabesque"
Dressmaker Fitting for Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren Sitting in a Chair with a Magazine
Bernard Buffet Painting
Cecil Beaton
Marc Chagall Painting on Glass Window
Beuys by Andy Warhol
Picasso Arrives at Victoria for Peace
Cecil Beaton painting outdoors at his home in Wiltshire
Pablo Picasso Made Citizen of Honour of Antibes
All Round Car, Custom Car Show, England
Antique Cars at Junkyard, Waltham Cross
Antique cars stacked in junkyard, with man holding pickax
1923 Bedford Buick
Vintage Cars in Paris Contest
Fab One Car On Display At Duke Of Bedford's Home, Woburn Abbey