David Yarrow - Ethereal Dune
David Yarrow
Ethereal Dune
Archival Pigment Photograph
2013, Printed 2015
37 x 67 inches

Signed and numbered (edition of 12) on recto. Includes descriptive certificate of authenticity.

Price and availability subject to change
Garden of Eden, Amboseli, Kenya
The Walk of Life, Amboseli, Kenya
Wonderwall, Iceland
White Horses, Iceland
Kilimanjaro, Amboseli
Moon Rakers, Purros, Namibia
The Don, Amboseli, Kenya
Colossus, Amboseli, Kenya
Circle of Life II,  Amboseli, Kenya
The King and I
The Gathering Storm, Amboseli, Kenya
The Usual Suspects
Dawn Commute, Amboseli, Kenya
A Streetcar Named Desire 2
Ethereal Dune
Big, Amboseli, Kenya
A Streetcar Named Desire # 3
The Patrician, Amboseli, Kenya
Life On Earth
It is Only a Matter of Time
Family, Amboseli, Kenya
Silent Witness
Tsavo East
Gladiator, Dinokeng, South Africa
One Foot On The Ground, Dinokeng, South Africa
Hairspray, Dinokeng, South Africa
Emma, Dinokeng, South Africa
Gold, South Africa
The Prize, Amboseli, Kenya
The Full Nine Yards, Dinokeng, South Africa
Rock Star
Easter Sunday,  Kibbish, Ethiopia
Giraffe City,  Amboseli, Kenya
Hoof It, Amboseli, Kenya
High, Amboseli, Kenya
Heaven Can Wait, Amboseli, Kenya
Penguin Father and Son, Snow Hill, Antarctica
The Long March, Snow Hill, Antarctica
Kaktovik, Alaska, USA
Face Off,  Alaska
Funnel Creek, Alaska
Members Only
Frostbite, Igloolik, Nunavut, Canada
Dive, Jigokudani National Park, Japan
No Nearer, Zambezi National Park, Zambia
Desert Flight, Amboseli, Kenya
Swan Lake, Lake Kussharo, Japan
The Jungle Book Stories, Ranthambore
Mystic River
The Killer, Ranthambore National Park, India
Cold Mountain
The Siberians
Mankind 2, Yirol, South Sudan