Clive Arrowsmith - Hiram Keller
Clive Arrowsmith
Hiram Keller
Archival Pigment Photograph
1972, Printed Later
37 x 36 inches, Image Size 30 x 30 inches
Signed and numbered (edition of 7) on recto. Signed, titled and numbered on verso.
$5,000 to $10,000
Price and availability subject to change
Y.S.L. Paris Salon
Helena Bonham Carter
Yamamoto + Models, VOGUE
Bowie Twisting (back in color), London Studio
Hunter Thompson, London
Penelope Tree
Fortnum & Mason Ice Cream Parlour
London Store Retro Ad
London Store Ad
D’arcy Bussel, Ballerina
Ann Schaufuss Monkey Coat
Ann Schaufuss Veil
Fortnum & Mason Ice Cream Parlour
Maudie James
Clive Arrowsmith - Donna Mitchell, Paris Collections, Vogue-Thumb
Donna Mitchell, Paris Collections, Vogue
Clive Arrowsmith - Geishe and Sphere-thumb
Geishe and Sphere, VOGUE, London
Clive Arrowsmith - Bowie Twisting (back), London Studio
Bowie Twisting (back), London Studio
Clive Arrowsmith - Bowie Twisting (sideways)-thumb
Bowie Twisting (sideways), London Studio
Clive Arrowsmith - David Bowie From the Shadows-thumb
David Bowie From the Shadows, London Studio
Clive Arrowsmith - Mick Jagger, Savoy Hotel, London-thumb
Mick Jagger, Savoy Hotel, London
Clive Arrowsmith - Paul McCartney, Plexiglass Guitar-thumb
Paul McCartney, Plexiglass Guitar, Studio London
Clive Arrowsmith - Sammy Davis-thumb
Sammy Davis, London
Clive Arrowsmith - The Virgin "O" Nude - Tumb
The Virgin "O" Nude, London
Clive Arrowsmith - Ann Schaufuss in Renaissance Hat-thumb
Ann Schaufuss in Renaissance Hat, London, VOGUE U.K.
Clive Arrowsmith - Sophie Ward Actress-thumb
Sophie Ward Actress
Clive Arrowsmith - Charlotte Rampling, VOGUE-thumb
Charlotte Rampling, VOGUE, London
Helena Bonham Carter Studio, London
Plated Hair, London
Clive Arrowsmith - Hiram Keller-thumb
Hiram Keller
Clive Arrowsmith - Peter Gabriel, The Roman Bath in Bath-thumb
Peter Gabriel, The Roman Bath in Bath, UK
Clive Arrowsmith - HH Dalai Lama (Eyes Closed)-thumb
HH Dalai Lama (Eyes Closed), NY